"A Close Encounter with
the Star Warz Gang"
A Close Encounter with the Star Warz Gang
Parodies Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Star Wars
First appearance Cracked No. 152
Writer(s) Joe Catalano
Artist(s) John Severin
Pages 6
Parody / Mashup

"A Close Encounter with the Star Warz Gang" is mashup featuring Close Encounters of the Third Kind and Star Wars.


As Royboy Neery boards the alien spacecraft he learns that the reason he is being taken on board is to help in a "grave matter". He is greeted by Luck Skystalker, CPO, RD2, Chewie and Han Solo. Dark Badar has kidnapped Princess Leia, along with many other people throughout the galaxy. They all decide to team up on a rescue mission. Badar's headquarters (disguised as

Cast of CharactersEdit

CPO, RD2, Princess Leotard (Carrie Fisher), Dark Badar, Luck Skystalker (Mark Hamill), OB1 "Bend" Finoakie (Alec Guiness), Hand Solow (Harrison Ford), Chewie (Peter Mayhew), Grand Muff Tarplin (Peter Cushing)


The Wizard of Oz, IBM, Macbeth, I Love Lucy, Helen Reddy, IRS,

Publication historyEdit


  • Cracked No. 146 carried a cover date of November, 1977, meaning that Cracked beat Mad Magazine to the punch with a Star Wars parody. Mad's parody would not appear until that publication's January, 1978 issue.
  • Perhaps due to a lack of reference material, John Severin's designs on the ships, equipment (and even the characters at times) are more "off model" than usual.

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