Cracked: The Comedy Magazine No. 3
Cracked TCM 3
Publication date Jan/Feb, 2007
Pages 84
Publisher Monty Sarhan
Editor Monty Sarhan (EIC), Justin Droms, Jack O'Brien, Jay Pinkerton
Preceded by
Cracked: The Comedy Magazine No. 2
Followed by

On The Cover: "Face it - it won't be long before the idiot queen picks up a little African kid too."

John Hargrave, Todd Levin, Jesse Falcon, Michael Ian Black, Cody Johnston, Jordan Posner, Tim Kochenderfer, Maddox, Dale Dobson, Jay Pinkerton, Scott Bassett, Eben Weiss, Fenris, Jack O'Brien, Sean McGrane, DJ Gallo, Jake Bell, Peter Lynn, Justin Droms, Michael J. Nelson, Victor Varnado, Chris Sims, Peter Lynn, Max Burbank, writers

John Severin, Julie Klausner, Aaron Lange, John Czop, 14, Steve Sloan, Chris Eisert, Richard Weinstein, Kieron Dwyer, artists



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