Cracked Collectors Edition (sometimes Cracked Collectors' Edition or Cracked Collector's Edition) was the longest running Cracked spin-off magazine. The first "Collector's Edition" was Cracked Shut-Ups No. 1, published in 1971. Following in the samE year were Cracked Shut-Ups No. 2 and Cracked Special No. 3 (titled "Cracked Goes to the Movies"). The regular run of the series began in 1974 with Cracked Collectors' Edition No. 4: Those Cracked Monsters and continued for the next 26 years until 2000's Cracked Collectors Edition No. 125: Newspaper Funnies!.

Most issues followed the formula set by the early 1971 "Collector's Editions" and focused reprinting articles based around a single theme. In the 1990's, this began to no longer be the case, as issues tended to just be large collections of old and new material, with no specific theme in mind.

During much of the run, the most popular themes were "Shut-Ups", Monsters, TV and Movies. Beginning with 1986's Cracked Collectors Edition No. 68, an annual "Year's Best" issue was published. This continued until the end of the run.


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