Cracked Collectors Edition No. 69
Collectors Edition 69
Publication date December, 1986
Pages 52
Editor Michael Delle-Femine
Additional Barry Shapiro, art director
Preceded by
Cracked Collectors Edition No. 94
Followed by
Cracked Collectors Edition No. 96

What's Up Front Our Cover: Nanny Dickering looks over some of her more memorable interviews.


Inside Front Cover: "Cracked Times"

Inside Back Cover: "The Many Looks of Nanny Dickering" Back cover: Ad for "Cracked Interviews the Rock Video King!"


  • The back cover indicates that there are "10 of the best Cracked interviews" inside, despite the fact that there are only nine.
  • The "Rock Video King" interview appearing in this magazine, was originally planned for Cracked No. 224, even being shown in that issues table of contents and cover.

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