Cracked Interviews is a blanket title that encompasses all interview articles done in the pages of Cracked.


The first interview appeared in the very first issue; "Max Walliss interviews Jayne Womansfield" and featured a parody of Mike Wallace interviewing Jayne Mansfield. Throughout the next decade or so, Cracked would continue to feature fake interviews, with different fictional and fictionalized people conducting them.

In Cracked No. 99, Nanny Dickering made her first appearance. She would serve as the regular interviewer for the next twenty years, only occasionally turning the mic over to others. When Bill Ward stepped down from regularly illustrating Nanny's interviews, other characters served this purpose, some named (Collie Collingswood), some not. Even pop culture figures such as Wayne & Garth would serve this function. Eventually, Nanny returned with various new illustrators. In the final years of the magazine, interviews were featured less and less, but Nanny remained the go-to interviewer.

Gallery of Interviews

Nanny Dickering

Margret Düser

Cassie Collingwood

Oswald Fendelbob