Cracked No. 146
Cracked No 146
Publication date November, 1977
Pages 52
Publisher Robert C. Sproul
Editor Robert C. Sproul
Bill Sproul (associate)
Cover Artist {{{coverartist}}}
Preceded by
Cracked No. 145
Followed by
Cracked No. 147

What's Up Front Our Cover: "Aw, come on Sylvester ... that's no trash can, that's R2D2 and his buddy C3PO. Be nice to them 'cause they're the stars of our spoof - Star Warz." Artwork by John Severin

Inside Cover: Free "Emergency" poster.



  • First appearance of Star Wars material
  • Cracked No. 146 carried a cover date of November, 1977, meaning that Cracked beat Mad Magazine to the punch with a Star Wars parody. Mad's parody would not appear until that publication's January, 1978 issue.
  • Perhaps due to a lack of reference material, John Severin's designs on the ships, equipment (and even the characters at times) are more "off model" than usual.