Cracked No. 146
Cracked No 146
Publication date November, 1977
Pages 52
Publisher Robert C. Sproul
Editor Robert C. Sproul
Bill Sproul (associate)
Preceded by
Cracked No. 145
Followed by
Cracked No. 147

What's Up Front Our Cover: "Aw, come on Sylvester ... that's no trash can, that's R2D2 and his buddy C3PO. Be nice to them 'cause they're the stars of our spoof - Star Warz." Artwork by John Severin

Inside Cover: Free "Emergency" poster.



  • First appearance of Star Wars material
  • Cracked No. 146 carried a cover date of November, 1977, meaning that Cracked beat Mad Magazine to the punch with a Star Wars parody. Mad's parody would not appear until that publication's January, 1978 issue.
  • Perhaps due to a lack of reference material, John Severin's designs on the ships, equipment (and even the characters at times) are more "off model" than usual.

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