Cracked No. 182
Cracked No 182
Publication date March, 1958
Pages 44
Publisher Robert C. Sproul
Major Magazines
Editor Marion Sproul
Cover Artist {{{coverartist}}}
Major Magazines
Additional Joe Catalano (contributing editor)
Preceded by
Cracked No. 181
Followed by
Cracked No. 183

What's Up Front Our Cover: "By popular demand, CRACKED gives the funny business to America's favorite TV show M*A*S*H." Art by John Severin.

George Gladir, Randy Epley, David Allikas, Bob Rafferty, Carol Carlsen, Jack Raymond, Charles Brown, Elaine Ozimok, writers

John Severin, Don Orehek, Sururi Gumen, Sam Whitehead, Bill Ward, Catherine Severin, Warren Sattler, Mike Ricigliano, Charles Rodriguez, Val Mayerick, artists


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