Cracked No. 224
Cracked No 224
Publication date November, 1986
Editor Michael Delle-Famine
Preceded by
Cracked No. 223
Followed by
Cracked No. 225

Cover date: November 1986

Front and back covers by Bill Wray.

Inside Front Cover: "The Chicken KIller"

Inside Back Cover: "Great Moments In Travel"


  • "Shut Ups"
  • "The Cosby Show"
  • "Cracked Top Hits"
  • "Dracula 2086"
  • "The Uggly Family"
  • "Commercial Dilemma"
  • "Ninjerk Magazine"
  • "Rock Celebrity Childhoods"
  • "Lifecycle of a Rock Song"
  • "What's On Their Minds"
  • "Nanny Dickering...Live!"
  • "Cracked Rock Around the World"
  • "Crummy Dates"
  • "First Cracked Rock Awards"

    "Sylly Idol" by Bill Wray

  • "Garbage Dump Pop Stars"
  • "Hands Across America"
  • "Shut Ups"

Issue Credits

Editor-In-Chief: Michael Delle-Famine

Art Director: Barry Shapiro

Sanitorial Engineer: Sylvester P. Smythe

Writers: George Gladir, Joe Catalano, Mort Todd, Unagi O'Brien, John Arcudi, Peter Bagge, Stu Schwartzenberg

Artists: John Severin, Don Orehek, Frank Caruso, Stosh Gillespie, Milton Knight, Wally Brogan, Bill Wray, Cliff Mott, Tom Short, Pat Redding, Howard Nostrand, Mike Ricigliano