Cracked No 228

Cover Dated: July 1987

Cover art by John Severin.


"Cracked is Whacked!"

  • "Star Drek IV"
  • "Crocodile Dundee Sequels"
  • "The Eekualizer"
  • "RALF"
  • "Pee-Yoo Herman"
  • "Max Headache Interview" (featuring Nanny Dickering)
  • "Some Rescue"
  • "'Puter Kids"
  • "Rad Biking"
  • "Star Trek Hurry Ups"
  • "Gross Is Great"
  • "Letters"
  • "Cracked Guitar Guide"
  • "Pen Pals"
  • "Cracked Lens"
  • "Their Dream Almost Came True"

    "Bill Cosbsmythe" by Bill Wray.

  • "Celebrity Mix Ups"
  • "One Shots"
  • "Put Your Best Foot Back"
  • "Shut Ups"
  • "Hudd & Dini" (inside back cover).

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