Cracked No 231

Cover Date: October 1987

Cover art by Bob Fingerman, idea by Mort Todd.


Inside Cover: Ad for Cracked Collectors' Edition Special #72 and Cracked Digest V

  • "The Boat Ride"
  • "Hollyweird Squares"
  • "Cracked Lens"
  • "Nothing New Under the Sun"
  • "The Haircut"
  • "Cracked Video Revolution"
  • "A Night With Siskel & Ebert"
  • "Canine the Barbarian" (Canine the Barkbarian in the strip)
  • "Rock Video Cliches"
  • "Cracked Pen Pals"
  • "Form & Function: Rad Bikes"
  • "Robot War"
  • "A Grizzly Escape"
  • "Hudd & Dini"

    237 Back Cover: "Goonlighting" by Bill Wray

  • "Cracked Jeoparty"
  • "Monstrous Mutations"
  • "One Shots"
  • "Cracked Game Show Lens"
  • "Imperfect Strangers"
  • "One Shots"
  • "Vainna White Interview" (featuring Nanny Dickering)
  • "Shut Ups"

Inside back cover: Cracked subscription ad.

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