Cracked No 237

Cracked No. 237

Cover date: August 1988.

The "30th Anniversary Celebration" issue. Art by John Severin, idea by Mort Todd.


Inside Front/Back Cover - "Super Bonus: Cracked 30th Anniversary Poster starring all your favorite characters".

  • "The Attack of Don Martin"
  • "False Rumors About Cracked"
  • "Radzilla"
  • "Cracked Fold-up"
  • "Cracked Olympic Lens"
  • "Press and Jerk"
  • "The Return of the Ron Rover"
  • "One Shots"
  • "Cracked Olympic Lens II"
  • "Couch Potato Catalogue"
  • "Canine the Barbarian"
  • "The Uggly Family"
  • "The Revenge of Don Martin"
  • "RoboCops and RoboRobbers"

    Bonus poster included on the inside front/back cover for issue 237

  • "Form & Function: Baseball"
  • "History of Cracked"
  • "Hudd & Dini"
  • "Head of the Class Report Cards"
  • "Cracked Olympic Lens III"
  • "Olympic One Shots"
  • "Don Martin's Last Word"
  • "The Sabotuer (sic) Handbook"
  • "Shut Ups"

Issue CreditsEdit

Editor in Chief: Michael Delle-Femine.

Art Director: Clifford Mott

"Older-than-he-looks": Sylvester P. Smythe

Writers: George Gladir, Roger Brown, Randy Epley, Eel O'Brien, Moe McMahon, Joe Catalano, John Arcudi and Darren Auck.

Artists: John Severin, Don Martin, Maike Ricigliano, Don Orehek, Vic Martin, Bo Badman, Al Scaduto, Rick Altergott, Stosh Gillespie, Gary Fields and Wally Brogan.

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