The Best of Cracked Mazagine

Cracked has a long, but not very expansive history in trading cards. The offical trading card set, The Best of Cracked Mazagine was published by Fleer in 1978. Before that, Fleer produced a set called Crazy Magazine Covers, which featured a parody of Cracked along with other popular magazines of the day.

There was also a Cracked parody in the 13th series of Wacky Packages by Topps, released in 1975. This card was re-issued in the 1980 "4th rerun" series and in the 1984 "album" series.

In 1995, Cracked produced a series of pogs called "Cracked Phloggs". They were given away on punch-out cards with Cracked Blockbuster No. 9.

In 2008, the "Flashback Series II" of Wacky Packages featured an all-new "Lost Wacky" parody card with multiple variants based on the border color.


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