Flip the Faces
Flip the Faces
Art by John Severin
Flip the Faces is a feature that ran in various Cracked Annuals throughout the 60s, 70s & 80s. It utilized fourteen full-head drawings of various celebrities and pop culture icons that the reader could cut along two lines, allowing the images' features to be "flipped", creating hundreds of potential variations.

The images represented a cross-section of pop culture, including television (Fonzie), movies (Rocky), music (Boy George), and politics (Richard Nixon). While some images were perennials, returning year after year (such as Frankenstein's Monster), other would be added or dropped (such as removing Bobby Kennedy following his assassination).

All art was done by John Severin, with the drawings becoming more realistic and less cartoony as the years went by.

In Extra Special Cracked No. 8, a "Flip the Faces Board Game" was published, utilizing the art from this series.