The first Cracked Shut-Ups by Bill Ward
First publication Cracked No. 2
Written by Various
Art by Various

Shut-Ups was one of the longest-running regular features in Cracked, first appearing in the second issue and appearing regularly for the rest of the run of the magazine. The premise was simple: one character says or does something in the first panel to which a second character replies "Shut-Up!" along with a retort. This simple premise could be used for any kind of joke from the subtle to the profane.

"Shut-Ups" was one of Cracked's signature features. It was so closely identified with the magazine that when Crazy magazine parodied other humor magazines in its first issue, the Cracked parody consisted of a page of "Shush-Ups".

The feature's first regular artist was Bill Ward. Don Orehek was the feature's most regular artist, along with Charles Rodriguez, Mike Ricigliano and Vic Martin. The feature's last regular writer was Scott Gosar and artist was Noel Anderson.

The first two Cracked "Collector's Editions" were devoted to "Shut-Ups" and they were featured in that title many times throughout its long run.