Stupid Nr 1

Cover to Stupid Nr. 1

Stupid is a German magazine that was published in association with Major Magazines. Following the cancellation of Das neue Kaputt, Stupid took over the translation of Cracked material for the German market. It appears to have only been published from 1983 - 1984.

Like Kaputt, Stupid had a slogan, "Das interessanteste Magazin der Welt." ("The most interesting magazine in the world.") Also like Kaputt, later issues began to mimic Cracked's "Mazagine" spelling by changing the phrase to "Das interessanteste Mazagin der Welt."

Format changes

While early isues of Stupid were sequentially numbered, later ones used "slash" numberings, such as Nr. 12/13.

In addition to localization of language, the Cracked material appearing in Stupid was often colored, particularly in the early issues, which were published almost entirely in color.

As with Kaputt, some covers were redrawn and reworked version of original Cracked covers.