The Talking Blob
Talking Blob
as drawn by John Severin
Sex Male
Occupation Janitor
First appearance Cracked No. 149
Last appearance
No. of appearances

The Talking Blob is a large, amorphorous shape, who notheless has the ability to speak, as well as a virtually insatiable appetite. He is one of the Cracked regular cast of characters.


The Talking Blob is generally portrayed as a nonspecific shape, although he is often shown with the appearance of a head (near his mouth) and various leg-like appendages. Apart from his mouth, he has no other identifying marks. On the rare occasions he has been depicted in color (usually on a magazine cover), he is shown to be tinted green.

While friendly and always willing to pitch in when Cracked is in trouble (as seen in the various Cracked Movies), he is extremely dangerous to villains and even innocent strangers who may get in the way of his goals.


Severin self-portrait

The Talking Blob crosses over into the real world

The Talking Blob made his first appearance in a movie parody entitled, appropriately enough, "The Talking Blob". As it was a parody of 1950s monster movies in general and the original theatrical film, "The Talking Blob" features much the same plot, including an ending that clearly pointed to a return for the monster. The Talking Blob would continue to appear in similar stories, facing off against the cast of Star Trek, Sherlock Holmes and more. In subsequent appearances, the Talking Blob's part in the story was often a twist in what would have been a typical parody up to that point.

With "The Cracked Movie", many of the characters who had appeared in Cracked throughout the years were brought together for the first time. The Talking Blob, despite his role as a villain, is among the Cracked employees depicted trying to rescue Nanny Dickering. He is even shown to have an office in "Cracked Interviews the Cracked Mazagine King".



The Talking Blob