This article is about the Cracked mascot. You may be looking for the Archie Comics character.

as drawn by John Severin
Sex Female
Occupation Mascot
First appearance Cracked No. 1
Last appearance
No. of appearances

Veronica was an enigmatic woman who served as an early Cracked mascot. She debuted in the pages of Cracked No. 1 and made several appearances over the next few years both inside the magazine and on the cover. By the 1960's, however, she had ceased appearing in the magazine altogether and was only seen in reprints.


Veronica, a sultry blonde with hair falling over one eye, was clearly inspired by the appearance of actress Veronica Lake. She usually appeared in an evening dress, although she could be seen wearing alternate attire (such as a bathing suit) if the scene in which she was depicted warranted it. She could usually be seen smoking from a long cigarette holder.






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